With More than 25 Years of Interviewing and Hiring Experience,
We Know EXACTLY What it Takes to Ace the
 Interview and Get the Job!
Arm Yourself with Insider Secrets and ACE Your Next Interview!

Hello, my name is Siva Tayi and I am the CEO of Talent Logic, Inc., a global staffing firm. I can assure you that if you have been called in for an interview—you already have the qualifications to get the position or you wouldn’t be there. That means there is just one purpose to the interview: To determine whether or not you are the right “fit” for the position and company itself. Interview managers and HR personnel are trained to ask specialized questions and to rate both your response and physical reaction to dig down and determine if you are truly a “fit” for the position or not.

"Coached 1,000’s of people in the art of interviewing to help them get hired by our clients — and we can do the exact same thing for you! Through the years, we have developed a proven, step-by-step process guaranteed to help you overcome your fears and ace the interviews so you can finally get the job you truly want and deserve!”

You Get a
Blueprint to Acing
Your Next Interview!

The How To Interview Guide is based
upon the exact Step-by-Step process we’ve used to help 1,000’s of prospects ace the interview and get hired by some of the world’s most successful businesses. This incredible resource is included in all of our Service Packages and provides you with the Step-by-Step strategies and tools you need to “Beat the Interviewer” and get the job you want and deserve!

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How to Quickly Identify and Articulate Your Strengths For Specific Jobs

  • How to Read Your Interviewer And Adjust Accordingly

  • How to Master Phone Interviews

  • How to Control the Interviewer’s Perception of You Using Body Language

  • How to Transform Your Weaknesses Into Strengths That Actually Increase Your Chances of Being Hired.

We Provide Interview Coaching Services to Suit Any Need,
Job Title, or Budget

Basic Package
Our most affordable service includes Siva Tayi’s The How To Interview Guide ebook and is:
  • Available for Immediate Download

  • Guaranteed to Give You an Unfair Advantage Over Other Candidates

  • Designed to Help You ACE the Interview Process from Start to Finish!

Advanced Package
The Advanced Package is designed to help you prepare for specific interviews with specific companies and includes:
  • 1 Hour of 1-on-1 Coaching with Siva Tayi for Specific Job

  • The How To Interview Guide

  • 60 Days of Direct Email Support

Executive Package
The Executive Package is designed to provide comprehensive Career Consulting in addition to Interview Coaching for persons seeking more advanced positions.
  • 2 Hours of 1-On-1 Career Consulting Services

  • 1 Hour of 1-On-1 Interview Coaching

  • Comprehensive Resume Review and Analysis

Still Not Convinced You Need Our Help?

It’s simple: If you answered “YES” to any of the questions above and absolutely NEED to land a job
but can’t seem to make it past the interview—then YES, we can and WILL help!

Like it or not, the interview is THE final obstacle in your quest to land the job you want and
deserve—or for just about any decent job for that matter! The people out there who are actually
GETTING the high-paying jobs, the fancy perks, etc.—they have ALL mastered the core skills
required to ace the interview
and be presented with an offer.

For more than 25 years and in order for us to be paid for our Recruiting Services, we have literally coached 1,000’s of job candidates on EXACTLY how to ACE the interview, get the offer, and YES—LAND the job they truly want and deserve! I don’t care if you are a new college graduate or a seasoned professional looking to land a job worthy of your skills and experience — our proven, step-by-step process will help you overcome your fears and help you ace the interview!”


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Career Consulting: This will entail going thru the resume and meet with you on Skype( so that we have audio and visual) and evaluate your options before the interview process even starts. This will help us understand each other and I will get a chance to evaluate your strengths and help you make a career decision.

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of the year in the hitech.
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