Job title : Wastewater Division Manager

Job Number : 83421
Division : Engineering

Job Description:

Responsible for the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants. Manages the Wastewater Plant Managers.
Requirements and Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
• Supervise Operations Managers in treatment and operational activities.
• Schedule operator training and continuing education as required by state licensing requirements.
• Provide technical support to treatment plant manager to resolve equipment failures or processes.
• Enforce adherence to safety procedures.
• Respond to customer complaints and dispatch personnel as necessary.
• Assist in preparation of departmental budget needs, including new project equipment or replacement, facility expansions, operational and maintenance costs.
• Works as part of a team to review plans for new infrastructure and upgrades to the wastewater system, including the development of plant and specifications, and the procurement of engineering and construction services.
• Will report to company President.

Education, Certification & Experience Requirements:
• Must have five (5) years’ experience overseeing and managing one or more 5 mgd minimum wastewater treatment plants.
• Must be Certified Class IV Operator.


bachelor's degree in engineering, biological sciences, mathematics, chemistry, or physics from an accredited college or university.